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Our civil mediation services are provided by retired Superior Court Judge Neil H. Shuster. His vast experience as a Judge makes him uniquely qualified to help parties reach a resolution in their civil matter in a timely and cost effective manner. The mediation process provides a safe environment for the parties to discuss the issues and their particular positions without the added constraints of litigation. By way of example, Judge Shuster can act as a mediator in any type of civil case and the parties can avail themselves of mediation even before a lawsuit has been filed. It is a forum that allows parties to convey their goals and objectives and focus on creating a settlement that is fair and reasonable, and takes into account the interest of all of the parties. Given Judge Shuster’s experience with both civil and general equity cases, he mediates civil matters, such as business disputes, partnership disputes, work place disputes, organizational disputes, inheritance disputes, and elder care disputes.

The advantages of civil mediation to the parties include significantly reduced costs over that of litigation, and a much more expeditious handling of the dispute than traditional court procedures. No matter how difficult the matter is, most clients agree that mediation reduces the stress and anxiety of dealing with the dispute. It also allows the parties to “own” the outcome and to control the settlement in a way not available to them in a traditional litigation mode. It also provides confidentiality and privacy as compared to the public nature of a civil lawsuit.

In addition to Judge Shuster's mediation practice, Mia Cahill, Esq. has been a court-approved civil mediator since 2003.  She limits her court-appointed civil mediations to employment and civil rights cases.

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