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Our partners are experienced mediators. We have helped multitudes of clients navigate the mediation process and often serve as court appointed mediators or at the request of legal colleagues. Mediation is client-centered and takes place in our offices. Because it is centered on the clients, not the courts, it can help parties build agreements that meet their particular needs. For specialized issues, it is often important to get the opinion of experts, such as child psychologists, accountants, or house appraisers which are jointly agreed in mediation. Mediation helps sensible clients cut-to-the chase and obtain an agreement that both parties feel is fair enough to resolve their differences and plan for the future.

Mediation is an established and well-practiced method of dispute resolution that is particularly useful in obtaining out-of-court settlements, but it’s not right for every case.  Success depends on the ability of the client to effectively communicate his or her needs to the other spouse and the voluntary exchange of key information. We discuss the possibilities of mediation and other types of complementary dispute resolution as it relates to a particular client’s case before filing in court.

It is possible to mediate particular issues, such as custody and parenting time, while using litigation for other parts of a divorce. It is also possible to blend mediation with litigation or collaborative law. We also act as a “review attorney” for mediated agreements obtained elsewhere.

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