We are part of a growing trend that uses the dispute resolution process called collaborative law.  In fact, Mia and Grace were both founders of the Mid-Jersey Collaborative Law Alliance, along with other regional colleagues.  With all three partners practicing in this cutting-edge field, we feel that if the circumstances are right, clients should have the autonomy to bring a dignified end to their marriage, and jointly act to put their children first.

This process is all out-side-of court, and involves sharing financial information and experts, like accountants, therapists, appraisers and others, who all help the clients come to a negotiated, “collaborative” agreement.  Even the lawyers agree to the spirit of collaboration, and in addition to representing his or her client, also agree to treat the process and all involved with respect and work collaboratively.

A successful collaborative agreement results in a written, signed agreement, enforceable in court, along with a final divorce judgment.

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